The Berks County Office of Aging provides legal services to individuals over the age of 60 who have a total income of 125% below poverty. The federal government adjusts the poverty level annually. All income is considered when determining eligibility. Income includes but is not limited to social security, pension, annuities, veteran pension, employment income and interest from investments. Services Provided are as follows;

  • BCOA’s contracted attorney WILL provide legal service for the following:
    (All services provided are non-fee generating only)
      • Wills
      • Living Wills
      • Durable Power Of Attorney (D.P.O.A.)
      • Health Care
      • Housing
      • Income Maintenance & Benefits
      • Protective Services (P.F.A.O.)
      • General
  • BCOA’s contracted attorney WILL NOT provide legal service for the following:
      • Any criminal case
      • Vehicle violations
      • Disorderly conduct
      • Personal injury lawsuits
      • Real estate matters
      • Living trust
      • Divorce