Berks Community Television (BCTV)

Monthly show featuring information, issues, updates, activities, and services pertinent to older adults and their families.  Show is taped live on the first Thursday of every month at 6 PM.  It is a 30 minute show. It is re-broadcast on Friday at 7 PM, Saturday at 12 Noon and Wednesday at 8 AM. It can be seen on Comcast channel 2.

Radio station WXAC 91.3 FM  (Spanish radio)

Monthly show, in Spanish, providing information on aging issues, activities and services pertinent to older adults and their families.  The show is on air live on the third Monday of every month at 11 AM.  It is a 30 minute show.

Satellite Information and Referral Sites

The Area Agency on aging has four satellite site locations in Berks County.  A staff member is available to provide information, discuss community resources and receive assistance in completing forms. 

 Satellite Information and Referral Sites

Berks County Link to Aging and Disability Resources (ADRC) 

A collaborative effort among local community agencies and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Office of Long Term Living to provide coordinated (community-wide services system) services and support for adults age 60 and older and persons between 18 - 59, living with a disability.

Community Relations

We look for opportunities to promote our services via appearances at health fairs, senior expos, community meetings, senior community centers - wherever older adults and their families congregate.