Berks County Commissioners
Kevin S. Barnhardt
Christian Y. Leinbach
Mark C. Scott, Esq.

The Board of Commissioners constitutes the chief governing body of the County. The three elected at large members perform the executive and legislative functions of county government. The Commissioners serve four year terms.
The Commissioners serve on the Salary, Prison, Retirement and Election Boards. In carrying out the management of County finances and property, they appoint a board for the assessment of real property in the County; formulate and approve the annual budget; fix the annual County tax rates, and authorize expenditures. They must also supervise the conduct of elections, provide for the care and maintenance of prisoners, and maintain county roads and buildings.
Goals & Objectives
It is the goal of the County Commissioners to ensure public access to information in simple and understandable formats; to organize the County’s technology to make it accessible to all departments and residents; to develop stronger working relations with the local governments and municipalities and to improve the County hiring process by more effective determination of employee duties and qualifications for County positions.