The ESCHEAT file consists of outstanding accounts payable checks issued to vendors of the County of Berks. To claim an outstanding check the Berks County Controller’s Office must be notified by calling 610-478-6150 ext. 6153 or by mail to the following address:

County of Berks
Office of the Controller
633 Court Street, 12th Floor
Reading, PA 19601

Upon notification a letter will be sent with further instructions.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires by statue all checks after 5 years of issuance are turned over to the state. Below are the dates when the records will be transferred.

 2007 Unclaimed Checks April 15, 2013
2008 Unclaimed Checks April 15, 2014
2009 Unclaimed Checks April 15, 2015
2010 Unclaimed Checks April 15, 2016

If Berks County Controller’s Office is not notified before the transfer date, vendor follow-up should be directed to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

 Escheat Report 2007.pdf

 Escheat Report 2008.pdf

 Escheat Report 2009.pdf

 Escheat Report 2010.pdf