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The mission of the Coroner's Office is to determine cause & manner of death; identify the deceased; notify family & proper disposition of deceased's property; investigate all circumstances surrounding death.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The County Code

Act of August 9, 1955 (P.L. 323, No. 130)

As Amended

Section 1238.

Autopsies; Inquests; Records:

(a) If, upon investigation, the coroner shall be unable to determine the cause and manner of death, he shall perform or order an autopsy on the body.

(b) If the coroner is unable to determine the cause and manner of death following the autopsy, he may conduct an inquest upon a view of the body, as provided by law. At the inquest, the coroner's duty shall be to ascertain the cause of death, to determine whether any person other than the deceased was criminally responsible therefore by act or neglect, and if so, the identity of the person, and to examine any further evidence and witnessing regarding the cause of death.

(c) The proceedings at the inquest shall be recorded, at the expense of the county, in a manner to be provided by the county commissioners.

Section 1245.1

Inquests; Juries:

(a) The coroner may at his discretion summon a jury of six to be selected from the jury panels of the court of common pleas.
(b) The function of such jury shall be to determine the manner of death and whether any criminal act or neglect of persons known or unknown caused such death. Such jury shall be paid as provided by law as if they were serving a court of common pleas.