Scales of JusticeJohn T Adams

   The Victim/Witness Assistance Unit of the District Attorney’s Office was established to assist victims and witnesses of crime during their involvement with the criminal justice system.  Service to victims is one of our top priorities and with your help we can make the criminal justice system better for everyone.  


   Victim/Witness services include:


•   Explanation of the Judicial System

•   Case information and notification

•   Accompaniment to all Court proceedings

•   Preparation for Court testimony

•   Secure Victim/Witness waiting room

•   Assistance with written and oral victim impact statements and restitution forms

•   Assistance with harassment/intimidation

•   Court tours for children

•   Assistance in filing claims with the Victim's Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP)

•   Enrollment in the Release Notification Program and Victim Notification Program

•   Referrals to community agencies


All services are provided free of charge

Explore the links below to find out additional information to assist you as a victim or witness to a crime:


BILL OF RIGHTS Basic Bill of Rights for Crime Victims
RESTITUTION How to recover losses or damages
TIPS FOR TESTIFYING If you are called upon to testify, here are some things to keep in mind 
PROCEDURES OF A CRIMINAL CASE General outline of the criminal justice system   
BRIEF GUIDE TO YOUR SERVICES AS A WITNESS IN A CRIMINAL CASE Reproduction of a pamphlet available from the Victim/Witness Unit 
ADDITIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES AND HOTLINES A listing of other sources of useful information