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Individuals are encouraged to take the following steps to support their local fire company:
Provide financial support - Many local fire departments still utilize fund drives.  When you receive a request in the mail, please take a few moments to review the information and provide a financial contribution.  Consider what it would mean if the letter you were opening was a tax bill instead of a fund drive request.  Any donation that you make to your local fire company is also tax deductible!!!
Participate in events at your local fire company  - When your local fire company sells sandwiches, flowers, or holds a chicken barbeque, help support the companies by purchasing their services or products.
Become a volunteer with your local fire company - Of course becoming a firefighter is a great way to volunteer, but it is not the only way and sometimes it is not even the greatest need.  Fire companies need people to help run events, sell tickets, help with the books, and volunteer carpentry, plumbing, HVAC and electrical skills.  Almost everyone in the community could contribute in some way.