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Berks County Domestic Relations Section 

Work Search Program

The Berks County Domestic Relations Section has an Employment Counseling Specialist on staff to assist unemployed clients.  This staff member conducts scheduled work search appointments with unemployed clients.  Clients' efforts in searching for employment are reviewed and referrals to resources, workshops and any appropriate job openings are made by the Employment Counseling Specialist.  Guidance is also provided to those clients who may have barriers to employment such as transportation issues, criminal background, etc.

When clients are scheduled for a work search appointment or group session a "work search packet" is provided to them.  This packet consists of information on the work search program, job search employment forms, CareerLink information, a listing of local temporary agencies, and a weekly help wanted packet.  Clients can also access the "Employment Opportunities" link on our website to view current job openings reported to us or any possible recruitment/job fairs that have been brought to our attention.  

Through our website clients have the ability to report new employment, report loss of a employment, and contact our Employment Counseling Specialist directly through email.  Clients also have access the CareerLink website and links to additional helpful information and upcoming events. 

What should I do prior to my scheduled appointment/group session?

Prior to appearing for a work search appointment/group session clients must register with at least 5 new temporary agencies, register with CareerLink (create a resume and apply for available positions), and apply/contact a minimum of 5 employers daily and keep written records of same.

What should I bring to my scheduled appointment/group session?

When appearing for a work search appointment/group session, clients must bring a copy of their most recent resume, completed job search forms, yellow CareerLink registration card, and their completed Job Assessment form. Clients are expected to be prompt and prepared for their work search appointment or group session. Failure to appear or cooperate with the work search program may result in further establishment or enforcement action.

What should I do if I gain employment prior to my scheduled appointment/group session?

If you secure employment prior to your scheduled work search appointment/group session, please contact our Client Service Department @ 610-478-2900 to report your employment. Once employment is verified your appointment may be cancelled.

Job Search Employment Form

Employment  Opportunities

Work Search Telephone Appointment Instructions and Forms

Work Search Information for Out of State Clients