On-line records search instructions

To search our on-line document index and images (click here to search public records). On this site you will find the following:

Index of:

 Deeds recorded since January 1, 1950, older deeds which are still the current deed
 of record, and deeds recorded between 1752 to 1793. Older Deeds may be searched using our online index books by clicking "Index Books" under search type.
 All mortgages recorded since 7/1/1969, Unsatisfied Mortgages recorded between 1752, and and 7/1/1969 and all mortgages recorded from 1752 to 1865 by clicking on Mortgage Index 1752-1865 on the document list in search.

 Miscellaneous documents recorded since 1937, and earlier by clicking on Misc Index Pre-1937    from the document list under search criteria.

 Subdivision and Highway plans recorded since 1873.  And all business and organizations Charters dating back to 1840.







Images of:

            Deeds recorded since 1752,  if the image of an early deed is not legible please contact   our office.    Miscellaneous documents recorded since 1821.

            Subdivision and highway plans recorded since 1873.

            All mortgages.


 To search for deeds recorded prior to our electronic index click on "Index books" under the search type.  Enter the party's last name and first initial,  or for organization or company names enter the name in the last name field and leave the first initial field blank.  The document list will default to display all available index books, you can un-check the all books box and select just the indexes you want or leave it checked and all indexes matching your name will display. 

Our office staff has worked diligently to index and image all documents recorded since the County's founding in the year 1752, if you have trouble locating a document or if you need assistance please call our office at 610-478-3380 Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, or send us an email at recorder@countyofberks.com