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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Does the county provide GIS data?
A:  YES, GIS data and information is provided in a number of ways. 1)  The County has GIS data disks that are available for purchase.  More information about accessing the GIS data products and fees.  2)  The County provides an internet mapping application that allows you to interactively view mapping of county tax parcels and a tax parcel search that allows you to access information about tax parcels via different identifiers.  Access to online web mapping applications.
Q: Does the county provide aerial photography/orthophotography/digital imagery)?
A:  NO, the county does have access to imagery from various years and various sources, but because it was obtained from these sources, the County DOES NOT distribute it.  However, various imagery may be downloaded by the public for FREE.  The following sheet has information about how to access FREE digital orthophotography.
Q: Does the county provide LiDAR (elevation) data?
A:  NO, the county does have access to LiDAR data from the PAMap Program via PA DCNR.  Because it was obtained from that agency the County DOES NOT distribute it.  LiDAR data can be downloaded by the public for FREE.  The following sheet has information about how to access FREE digital orthophotography.
Q:  Does the county have access hard copy aerial photography?
A:  YES.  The county has access to a number of iterations of hard copy aerial photography.  The Planning Commission is the keeper of this hard copy photography from the following years: 1960, 1971, 1980, 1988 and 1992.  More information about procedures for accessing this aerial photography.
Q: Does the county provide tax maps?
A:  YES.  The Assessment Department's Tax Mapping Office is responsible for maintaining tax mapping information.  The county is comprised of a number of tax maps. More information on these products and their use.
Q: Does the county produce customized maps?
A:  NO.  The county does not have the staffing or resources to produced customized maps or other products for the public.  The products that are created are used to meet the daily business needs of the departments and the county as a whole.  Please take a look at the mapping products that are currently available for download.   Check back in the future for additional map updates.
Revised:  5-12-2011