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Berks Heim Resident Council...

Resident Council Advisory Board
Elmira Sonan - B2 - Reading Station, Council Chairperson
Dorothy Aldrich - A2 - Pretzel City
Dorothy McNeil - A3 - Penns Pointe
Susan Rupp - B3 - Pagoda View
Beth Street - A1 - Carsonia Court
Vacancy - B1 - Market Square

Established in 1981, the purpose of the Berks Heim Resident Council is to give residents a structured system in which to voice their thoughts relating to the "neighborhood" they live in.  Through the Council, residents are encouraged to voice their suggestions, comments, concerns, proposals, observations, preferences, etc. as one voice to the Administration.

The facility provides a designated staff person responsible for providing assistance as needed to the Council members and to provide secretary duties, as needed.  All requests from the Council are sent in writing to the Administration and appropriate department heads.  Administration listens to the views of the Council and acts upon the recommendations and grievances concerning proposed policy and operational decisions, affecting resident care and life in the facility.

The Resident Council Advisory Board is made up of resident representatives of each nursing unit (as chosen by the Resident Council) who have been selected to represent the interests of all Berks Heim Residents.  The Resident Council Advisory Board meets on a bi-monthly basis, while the Resident Council meetings, which are open to all residents meet five times a year (March, May, July, September, and November).