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An Overview of the Services Provided
Berks Heim

PHYSICIAN SERVICES:                                
 - Full-time Medical Director
 - Assistant Medical Director 
 - Two physicians

All have a specialized interest in geriatrics and will discuss with you any medical care issues of concern to you.

Twenty-four hour nursing services are provided by well-trained and dedicated RN, LPN, and CNA staff.  The nursing team assists each resident to achieve and maintain his/her maximum level of independence and quality of life.  All of the following specialized nursing services are available to Berks Heim residents: 
A specialized, secured unit for those in need of a supervised yet homelike environment.  Residents are cared for by staff that have received extra training in these areas.  Individualized activities are provided and coordinated by the full-time activities therapist on this unit.

Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants with special expertise in rehabilitation techniques assist our residents to achieve their maximum level of function.  A specific plan is devised and goals are set to help the resident remain as independent as possible.

An alternate method of assuring adequate fluid and hydration is available upon recommendation of the physician for those residents that are unable to consume adequate amounts of fluids.  Nurses have received training in the insertion and management of the IV lines and are in the facility 24 hours a day.

Our nursing staff has received specialized training to prevent skin breakdown and they provide continuous intensive management/care.

Berks Heim has developed a Behavior Management program for residents with dementia.  This A.C.T.O.R program ecourages resident quality of life by evaluating and presenting activities that allow the residents to enjoy the intellect remaining at their present level of dimentia.  The activities stimulate the mind and body and encourage holistic well-being.

We offer highly tailored physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs.  These departments are staffed with specialists to meet the needs of our residents.

Pharmaceutical needs are met through the on-site pharmacy.  Medications and supplies can be obtained within hours of being prescribed.  We maintain an in-house pharmacy that is staffed with 3 registered pharmacists and 2 pharmacy technicians.

The Social Service staff of Berks Heim are dedicated to serving the residents and families alike.  Our goal is to help residents achieve and maintain the highest quality of life to which they are entitled.  Thereby, adding life to years, not solely years of life.  Residents are provided assistance in dealing with any social, emotional, environmental, family, or any issues affecting the residents' quality of life.  Social Services encourages residents to participate in Berks Heim Resident Council meetings as a way to be involved in their residential community.

We have a registered dietitian on staff and 2 Dietetic Technicians that assure the nutritional needs and preferences of every resident are met. 

Therapeutic and leisure activity is provided for our residents.  Activities are suited to each individuals' specific preferences. 

Religious services are provided to meet the spiritual needs of our residents on a regular basis.

We have 2 full-time beauticians and a barber on staff.  An array of beauty and grooming services are available to all residents

Daily we provide housecleaning services throughout the facility.  Our residents' laundry is provided at no extra cost to them. 

We have a full time SAFETY/SECURITY/SERVICE department that ensures our residents have a safe and secure place to live.

The Medical Records staff maintains the documentation from each resident's medical record in an organized and secure environment, adhering to confidentiality and privacy standards.

 We have a canteen cart that is made available to the residents on all the units with a wide selection of snack foods.

We are always looking for additional volunteers to assist our residents and enhance their social activities.  For more information, please call 610-376-4841, ext. 4, or contact Ann Gilmer.

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