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Berks Heim Human Resources 

Berks Heim is always looking for dedicated, hardworking,
and caring employees.

Berks Heim, long-term care facility for the County of Berks offers its employees:

 • Career Ladder for RN's, LPN's, Nursing Assistants
 • Competitive Compensation
 • Entry Level Positions for Food Service, Housekeeping, Laundry, Nursing
 • Great Benefits
 • A Pleasant Working Environment
 • Insurance plan
 • Prescription plan
 • Paid Holidays
 • Paid Vacation Time
 • Paid Sick Time
 • Job Satisfaction
 • Be Part of a Caring Team
 • Professional Growth Through Staff Development.

Do you want to join the Berks Heim team? 
Check out our Current Job Availability!

Contact the Human Resources Department call 610-376-4841 or fax 610-373-4192 for more information.