Provide coordinated and holistic services to the human service providers within the County.
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Case Management Services
Component Description
This component is used for coordination, with the client, of the helping activities needed by the client from the service provider agency and other resources in the community to achieve the goal of self-sufficient living. Case Management begins with the intake process and should include setting goals in the area of basic life skills, financial management, parenting skills, home maintenance, job preparation skills, and/or employment skills.
Case Management services must be made available to any client receiving services of the HAP. Those clients at risk of becoming homeless in the future are also targeted for Case Management services.
Case Management service activities include but are not limited to the following:
  • intake and assessments for individuals who are in need of supportive services and who need assistance in accessing the service system;
  • assessing service needs and eligibility and discussion with the client of available and acceptable service options;
  • preparation of a service plan with measurable objectives developed in cooperation with and signed by the client;
  • referring clients to appropriate agencies for needed services;
  • coordinating services of clients who are receiving multiple services;
  • providing direct services such as counseling, where appropriate, budgeting, life skills, job preparation, and home management;
  • providing advocacy, when needed, to ensure the satisfactory delivery of requested services
  • monitoring the continuity and appropriateness of services;
  • follow-up to evaluate the effectiveness of services and outcomes;
  • protecting the client's confidentiality.
Allowable Expenditures
It is expected that the majority of this HAP allocation will be spent on personnel expenses for case managers to provide necessary and appropriate services such as; intake and assessment; preparation of written service plans; arrangement for the provision of needed medical, psychological, psychiatric, social or vocational services; and follow-up as well as client tracking.
Non-Allowable Expenditures
Payments made on behalf of clients for shelter or support services other than Case Management.