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Children and Youth Services
Service Definitions
Eligibility Criteria
  • A person who is under the age of 18 who is not the head of an independent household
  • A resident of Berks County
  • The person's family monthly gross income must not exceed 250% of the federal poverty income guidelines
These service definitions must be used for Children and Youth Services funded through the HSDF.
1. Counseling/Intervention Services is supportive and therapeutic activities provided to a child or a child's family and directed at preventing or alleviating conditions, including crisis conditions, which present a risk to the safety or well-being of the child, by improving problem solving and coping skills, interpersonal functioning, the stability of the family, or the capacity of the family to function independently.
2. Day Care Services are out-of-home care for part of a 24 hour day to children provided in day care centers, group day care homes, and family day care homes as part of a family service plan required to prevent removal of a child from his parents' custody or as part of the process of re-establishing a child with his family following an out of home placement.
3. Day Treatment Service is intensive services provided to a child for part of a day. These activities are designed to provide supervision and counseling of the child and coordination of the range of related human services necessary to establish consistent developmental relationships and skills to enable the child to function in the community.  They do not include the cost of juvenile probation services, education programs, primary health care programs, and programs designed to treat the mental disabilities of a child.
4. Emergency Placement is the provision of emergency shelter care of a child in the home of a relative, in a foster family home, or in a community residential facility.  This is residential care and supervision in a non-secure setting, not to exceed 30 consecutive days, for a child whose immediate safety, protection, and well-being requires removal from the child's home or who would present a danger to himself or others or who would abscond if he were living at home.
5. Foster Family Care (except room and board ) is 24 hour per day residential care and supervision of a child in a foster family home, including a foster family home operated by a court or county juvenile probation service if the home was operational on 1/1/78.
6. Homemaker Services refers to home help, home care skills, instructions and child care and supervision provided to a child and the child's family in the child's home by a trained homemaker or caretaker.
7. Life Skill Education is the practical education and training to the child and other family members, either in or outside of their own home, in skills needed to perform the activities of daily living, including but not limited to child care and parenting education, home management and related functions.
8. Information and Referral Service is the provision to an individual or requested information about needed services and referral to appropriate providers.
9. Service Planning is agency staff activities provided to determine what services are needed to develop a service plan and to arrange for provision of needed services.
10. Protective Services are activities and services to protect the health and safety of children who are without proper parental supervision or who have been neglected, exploited, or injured by the parents to an extent not sufficient to be covered by 23 Pa. C.S. Chapter 63.
Non-Allowable Cost Centers
  • Administration
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Alternative Treatment
  • Community Residential
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Residential
  • Secure Residential