Provide coordinated and holistic services to the human service providers within the County.
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Emergency Shelter
Component Description
This component is defined as refuge and care to persons who are in immediate need and are homeless; i.e. have no permanent legal residence of their own. Services include mass or individual shelter in congregate settings, and individual shelter paid through a voucher system to house clients in hotels or motels up to a maximum of 60 days.
Shelters that receive HAP funds must meet applicable fire and panic regulations, and local health and safety laws and requirements.
Allowable Expenditures
  • Personnel: wages and salaries, and benefits, only if they are part of a mass shelter per diem rate
  • Operating: mass shelter supplies such as cots, blankets, and personal hygiene items
  • Client: mass shelter nights, motel and hotel stays
Non-Allowable Expenditures
  • Rental payments and mortgage subsidies
  • Utility payments
  • Renovations and repairs
  • Real property
  • Equipment purchases exceeding $300
  • Food purchases
  • The provision of medical care unless it is an integral but subordinate part of a social service
  • Social services provided in and by employees of any hospital, skilled nursing facility, intermediate care facility or prison or to any individual living in such institutions.
  • The provision of cash payments as a service