Provide coordinated and holistic services to the human service providers within the County.
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Human Services Development Fund (HSDF)
Grant Description
Funding for the Human Services Development Fund (HSDF) is provided to Counties by the State Department of Public Welfare, Office of Social Programs and was created "for the purpose of encouraging county governments to provide locally identified services that will meet the human services needs of citizens in their counties."

The HSDF provides for the provision of services through the Adult Services, Aging, Children and Youth, Drug and Alcohol, Homeless Assistance and the Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Programs in order to promote, improve and sustain the quality of family life in Pennsylvania.
Categorical Services
Generic Services
Defined as meeting the needs of two or more client populations.
Specialized Services
Defined as new services or a combination of services designed to meet the unique needs of a client population that are unmet by the current categorical programs.
Service Provider Qualifications/Requirements
  • Provide services to low-income individuals and families
  • Operate under valid, current, and in effect license(s)or certifications(s) as required under State or Federal law or regulation
  • Carry General Liability Insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • Provide County with historical outcomes for services provided
  • Report monthly and quarterly to the County, as applicable.
  • The purchase or improvement of land, or the purchase, construction, or permanent improvement of any building or facility
  • The provision of medical care
  • Social services (except rehabilitation services or services to an alcoholic or drug dependent individual) provided in and by employees of any hospital, nursing facility or correctional facility, to any individual living in such facility
  • The provision of any educational/instructional service which the state and/or local school districts make generally available to residents without cost and without regard to their incomes unless provided as a normal part of one of the categorical programs
  • Any program or service which, under state or federal law or regulation, requires license(s) or certifications(s) and is operating without such being valid, current and in effect.