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Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP)
As a Medical Assistance consumer, you can get help with transportation services that you need, to get to and from your medical assistance providers. Some examples of medical assistance  providers are doctors, dentist, pharmacies, psychologists, drug and alcohol treatment clinics, mental health outpatient clinics, and medical equipment suppliers.
MATP is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. In Berks County, MATP is run by the Berks Area Reading Transportation Authority (BARTA) Special Services Division.
Who Is Eligible?
To be eligible for Medical Assistance Transportation you must:
  • have a current active ACCESS card
  • be a permanent or temporary resident of Berks County
  • need transportation to get a covered medical service from a provider who accepts the Medical Assistance card
You cannot use MATP services for emergency ambulance trips or for non-medical reasons. You also cannot use the MATP to obtain medical care that is not covered by Medical Assistance.
If you belong to a Medical Assistance Manage Care Organizaion (MCO), you can use MATP services to get to any provider within your Physical Health or Behavioral Health MCO network. If you do not belong to an MCO, you can use MATP to go to the nearest Medical Assistance provider who can meet your needs.
How to Register
If you want to use MATP services, you must register. Contact BARTA Special Services Division at (610) 921-2361, toll free at 1-800-383-2278, or TDD at (610) 921-1018. You must provide your active ACCESS card number to confirm eligibility for services. Eligible clients can receive assistance in one of three ways:
Service Area
MATP transports consumers to providers primarily within Berks County. Transport of consumers outside of Berks County is also provided, however, you must have your medical provider mail or fax confirmation of your appointment, including the date, time, and location, to BARTA's office. In addition, your primary physician or specialist must sign this confirmation.
Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures
If you are using BARTA Special Services, you will be given an approximate time the driver will arrive. You must be ready a few minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. Drivers will wait at a residence for a period not to exceed five minutes from the scheduled time.
Sanction Information
Missing a scheduled ride without notifying the office at least one hour in advance is considered a "no-show" and a sanctionable action. BARTA Special Services Division has the right to suspend service to an individual who has a practice of missing scheduled trips. An individual who is a "no-show" for two scheduled trips will receive a written warning. An individual who is a "no-show" for a third scheduled trip will receive written notice that their service has been suspended for thirty days.
In addition, BARTA will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse from a client, towards their employees, sub-contractor employees or other passengers aboard the vehicles. An individual who violates this policy will receive written notice that their service has been suspended for sixty days. A second violation of this policy will result in written notification that their service has been terminated.  In any event, the notice will provide information regarding the reason(s) for the suspension or termination, the effective date of the action, and how the client can appeal the decision.
You have the right to appeal these decisions and ask for a fair hearing from the Department of Public Welfare.