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General Guidelines
When sending correspondence to an inmate, please be sure to include the inmate's name and BCJS#.  For example:
      John Q. Public BCJS# 1234-5678
      Berks County Jail System
      1287 County Welfare Rd.
      Leeport, PA  19533
Providing all of this information will allow us to deliver the mail more efficiently.  Any mail received with an illegible, partial, or missing return address, or that contains tape or labels, will be returned to the post office. 
Some mail may be refused if deemed inappropriate for distribution into the insitution.  For more information, please refer to page 8 of the inmate handbook.  In addition, please do not send:   envelopes or stamps, copy paper or writing paper, clothing, undergarments, or sneakers, cash or personal checks. All monies sent to be placed on an inmate’s account, must be in the form of a money order.
Books & Magazines
All books, newspapers, and magazines must be sent directly from the publisher or bookstore.  If items are not received direct from the publisher or bookstore, they will be returned to the sender.