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The mission of the Berks County Sheriff’s Department is to promote a safe environment for our community.
Eric J. Weaknecht, Sheriff

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Sheriff Sales FAQ
Do Sheriff Sales differ from Tax Sales or Judicial Sales?
Yes, there are significant differences.  For information regarding tax sales or judicial sales, contact the Berks County Tax Claim Bureau at 633 Court Street, Reading, PA., at 610-478-6625 or visit their website at
If I see a property I am interested in bidding on, can I inspect it before the sale?
No, the properties are not available for inspection.  They remain the property of the debtors until they are sold the day of the sale.  Additionally, the sheriff makes no guarantee on the condition of any property sold at Sheriff Sale.
How do I buy a property at Sheriff Sale?
You need to attend the sale on the scheduled date and time.  No registration is required.  It is a public auction.  Therefore, you will have to bid on properties and must be present at the time of bidding.
What is the “upset price”?
This is the predetermined amount a Plaintiff is will to bid in order to obtain a particular property.  Generally, the attorney representing the Plaintiff will announce their “upset price” at the time of bidding.  It may be more or less than the judgment amount.
What is the difference between the minimum bid and the down payment?
The minimum bid is the opening bid amount which are the costs incurred to bring a particular property to sale.  The down payment is 10% of the judgment.  It is also what is required to be paid at the time of the sale by the successful bidder. 
How soon after the purchase of a property will the deed be recorded?
Deeds are recorded approximately forty-five (45) days after the sale.
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