2008 PA Lamb and Wool Princess

Pictured from left to right:Commissioner Christian
Leinbach, Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt, 2008 Lamb & Wool
Princess Mallory Ketterer of Bernville&Commissioner Mark Scott

On February 19, 2008,Lamb & Wool Princess Mallory Ketterer of Bernville makes presentation to Berks County Commissioners regarding the sheep industry.

If you're having trouble getting to sleep at night, consider counting sheep in Berks County. According to the National Agricutlure Statistic Serivce, in 2006 there were 120 farms raising sheep in Berks County. This represents less than seven percent of the total number of farms in the county.

According to the last official census of agriculture which was compiled in 2002, there were nearly 2,000 sheep and lambs raised in Berks County. The majority of farms had less than 24 head of sheep, 23 farms had numbers between 100 and 300 head in their flocks, and only two farms raised more than 300 sheep. These sheep produced 8,229 pounds of wool in 2002, down from 15,211 pounds in 1997. The number of ewes one year old or older decreased from 1,642 head in 1997 to 1,142 head in 2002.

A female sheep is a ewe; a male is a ram. To learn more about sheep, contact the Office of Agricultural Coordinator at 610-898-5482 or the Penn State Extension Service at 610-378-1327.