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Primetime Health

The PrimeTime Health program, coordinated by Berks Encore, provides health education programs and activities for older adults in Berks County. The PrimeTime Health Coordinator encourages older adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent injuries and disease by presenting many health education programs on topics in the following categories: exercise, nutrition, chronic conditions, mental health, incontinence, alcoholism, injury prevention and medication management. Participation in special community health events, health fairs, health screenings, programs on BCTV, in addition to the health education programs, reaches thousands of seniors annually.

The PrimeTime Health program has further expanded its outreach into the community by offering exercise classes, such as strength training and aqua fitness, as well as active adult sports activities which include bike rides, walks, volleyball, miniature golf, roller skating and more.

The PrimeTime Health program involves older adult volunteers with special events, walks, and in advising the PrimeTime Health Coordinator. Many special events and programs are conducted in conjunction with other organizations and agencies. Also, the PrimeTime Health Coordinator acts as a resource for other agencies and organizations working with senior adults in Berks County.