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2004 Top Environmental News Stories
Green Line
December 30, 2004
MHT Document Plan withdrawal holds up pig farm
MHT Document Builder's expert faults Union's zoning law
MHT Document Chester County planning chairman steps down
New Environmental workshops available for 2005 !
December 29, 2004
MHT Document Oley Valley asthma study finds no major allergens in schools
MHT Document Longswamp OK's rezoning to build nearly 750 homes
December 28, 2004
MHT Document City rejects plan to pay hauler more
MHT Document Exeter returns to joint comprehensive plan
December 25, 2004
MHT Document City trash surcharge to be urged
December 23, 2004
MHT Document Recycling funds worry waste panel
December 21, 2004
MHT Document City to revamp trash-hauling system, official says
MHT Document Region in deep freeze as Artic blast brings preview of winter
December 20, 2004
MHT Document Poor recycling record focus of environmental council
December 17, 2004
MHT Document EPA designates Berks County as non-attainment for fine particulate matter
December 16, 2004
MHT Document Berks seeks better use of landfill fees
December 15, 2004
MHT Document County need for environmental fund debated
December 10, 2004
MHT Document Berks in Court for landfill's failure to control odors
December 9, 2004
MHT Document Work begins today on Thun trail bridge
December 8, 2004
MHT Document Federal Highway Admin. to study Route 82
MHT Document Longwsamp to discuss request for rezoning
December 6, 2004
MHT Document End of City trash service threatened
December 6, 2004
MHT Document Consultants begin riverfront assessment
MHT Document Consulting firm isn't new to Reading
December 4, 2004
MHT Document Firm President admits firm discharged lead
MHT Document Good with shovel
MHT Document How to adopt a tree in Reading
December 3, 2004
MHT Document Berks EAC helps DEP make efacts more responsive
December 2, 2004
MHT Document Wicked wind wallops region
MHT Document Airport project hearing held
November 24, 2004
MHT Document Landfill's biggest customer weighs in
November 23, 2004
MHT Document City wants to dump more trash
MHT Document Exeter may pull out of joint comprehensive plan
November 21, 2004
MHT Document Greenway grants: big plans for MCCC riverfront center
MHT Document Environmental website debuts
November 20, 2004
MHT Document Highlands bill passage will protect region's water
MHT Document Many types of litter can harm wildlife
November 19, 2004
MHT Document Berks Commissioners approve waste disposal plan
MHT Document Comprehensive plan draws Cumru critics
November 17, 2004
MHT Document Plan would ensure capacity for trash
MHT Document Attorneys spar over power plant proposal
November 14, 2004
MHT Document Growing greener II issue in jeopardy
MHT Document Rendell environmental initiatives on lawmakers plates
MHT Document Clean up program may run out of money
November 11, 2004
MHT Document Bill to stiffen landfill law gains
MHT Document Changes may put Douglas Township's parks in jeopardy
November 9, 2004
MHT Document Mascaro plans hog farm around motor sports complex
MHT Document Berks gets Northern exposure
November 7, 2004
MHT Document Frustrated by track delays, Mascaro vows to build hog farm
November 4, 2004
MHT Document Proposed regulations on large scale farming detailed
October 31, 2004
MHT Document Action required to save Earth, KU speakers says
October 29, 2004
MHT Document Birdsboro gets $100,000 for flood repairs
MHT Document County's open space plan outlined
October 27, 2004
MHT Document Hamburg residents told cleanup at battery plant may take 15 years
October 23, 2004
MHT Document Neighbors try to shape Oley subdivision
MHT Document Hybrids will drive mechanics back to school
October 22, 2004
MHT Document Scott: More data needed on proposed sewage to oil deal
October 21, 2004
MHT Document Public hears sewage pitch
MHT Document Sewage to diesel process
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill to appeal denial
October 20, 2004
MHT Document Sewage Solution: Waste to oil intrigues some
October 19, 2004
MHT Document City Officials: new plant likely sewage solution
MHT Document Museum marks restoration of creek
October 16, 2004
MHT Document Mold takes hold in Berks
October 15, 2004
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill expansion rejected
October 13, 2004
MHT Document City meeting planned on sewage deal
MHT Document Lower Heidelberg may not support project
MHT Document Residents ask council to rethink landfill deal
October 8, 2004
MHT Document Landfill fined $1.1M for violation
MHT Document Pottstown considers trash by the pound
MHT Document Berks may get $1 million from landfill fine
MHT Document  Mascaro vows to sue township, again
October 7, 2004
MHT Document County wants residents help to create open space
MHT Document Angelica Dam worth the cost, residents say
October 6, 2004
MHT Document Angelica Park meeting tonight
MHT Document Suit alleges Reading broke Sunshine Law with sewage deal
MHT Document Air in Wyomissing school found acceptable
September 30, 2004
MHT Document Wetlands, not dam, likely for Angelica
September 25, 2004
MHT Document Lawyer says Angelica-Reading Sewage Plant deal broke the law
September 24, 2004
MHT Document Secrecy surrounds Angelica: wetlands may be created to avoid fines over sewage plant
September 23, 2004
MHT Document Berks County is sixth in nation for agricultural preservation
September 19, 2004
MHT Document Schuylkill River overflows banks
September 18, 2004
MHT Document Rising steel price may take Schuylkill River Greenway Association bridge off the fast track
September 17, 2004
MHT Document Berks ranks high in children's asthma
September 14, 2004
MHT Document Water ban still in effect in North Coventry
MHT Document Residents of Pottstown express anger over contaminated water
September 11, 2004
MHT Document Conestoga Landfill rejects all sludge to get application re-started
September 10, 2004
MHT Document Pottstown Residents warned to boil water due to risk of disease
September 8, 2004
MHT Document Berks to spend money to study air quality at Conestoga Landfill
August 27, 2004
MHT Document Exeter adopts outdoor rules on burning
August 20, 2004
MHT Document Ponds more than fishing
August 19, 2004
MHT Document DEP adds new fines to Pottstown Landfill
July 22, 2004
MHT Document Ryland Road Site , Heidelberg Township named Superfund Site by EPA
July 21, 2004
MHT Document Ozone Alert Today
July 19, 2004
MHT Document EPA Awards Largest-Ever Grant To Study Health Effects of Air Pollution
July 17, 2004
MHT Document Occidental Chemical of Pottstown fined $150,000 by EPA
July 11, 2004
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill Violates Permit
July 7, 2004
MHT Document Exeter Complains About Recycling
June 29, 2004
MHT Document Berks County Declared Non-Attainment by EPA for Air Quality
May 8, 2004
MHT Document Berks County Creates Environmental Advisory Council
April 4, 2004
MHT Document Pennsylvania leads Nation in imported trash
March 8, 2004
MHT Document Residents near Conestoga Landfill deny financial motive
February 17, 2004
MHT Document Conestoga Landfill claims odor complaints are scandalous
January 15, 2004
MHT Document EPA fines Excelsior Brass, Blandon, for mishandling hazardous waste
MHT Document Environmental problems continue at two Berks landfills