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2005 Top Environmental News Stories
Green Line
December 28, 2005
MHT Document Judge plans ruling on Antietam this week
December 18, 2005
MHT Document Proposed New Morgan development may run on landfill gas
MHT Document Landfill gas project in New Morgan worries environmentalists
MHT Document Two ordinances on Antietam will set stage for Berks deal
December 16, 2005
MHT Document Berks uses eminent domain to seize lake
MHT Document County files for eminent domain of Antietam Lake
December 15, 2005
MHT Document Study ranks Berks high for toxic release
MHT Document County urged to get air quality advice
MHT Document Greenways suggested for Spring Twp.
December 13, 2005
MHT Document Water authority backs sale of Antietam to county
December 7, 2005
MHT Document OK given to proceed with eminent domain for Antietam
MHT Document Heidelberg family to leave Superfund site
December 3, 2005
MHT Document Antietam certainty: it's going to court
December 2, 2005
MHT Document Mascaro pushes motor sports park in Union
MHT Document Berks hires eminent domain experts for Antietam
December 1, 2005
MHT Document Law firm to help Berks in battle to get Antietam property
MHT Document Two years later Conestoga Landfill attracts fewer opponents
MHT Document Mascaro starts pig farm in Union
November 29, 2005
MHT Document Antietam struggle gets a new wrinkle
November 27, 2005
MHT Document Reading City Council has plan to avoid veto on Antietam
MHT Document Applicant withdraws plan for pig farm
November 22, 2005
MHT Document Berks offers $7.5 million for Antietam
November 19, 2005
MHT Document County puts off vote on Antietam
November 18, 2005
MHT Document Grant will aid Wyomissing creek restoration
November 15, 2005
MHT Document EPA finalizes rule to help states reduce ozone pollution to meet stronger standards - Berks impacted
MHT Document State would add to Antietam purchase
MHT Document Reading takes water plant battle to street
MHT Document Residents listen to plan for Heidelberg cleanup
MHT Document Birdsboro residents happy they can still pick their own trash hauler
November 11, 2005
MHT Document Ryeland Road cleanup to be discussed on Monday
MHT Document Reading bottling plant gets conditional approval
November 9, 2005
MHT Document Two bridges on Route 82 to be removed - preservation of area being explored
November 7, 2005
MHT Document Local input guides conservation efforts in Pennsylvania's Highlands
October 30, 2005
MHT Document EPA urges parents to take special precautions to protect children in hurricane affected areas
MHT Document Schuylkill plant will turn coal waste into fuel
October 28, 2005
MHT Document Berks establishes environmental defense fund
MHT Document Berks establishes fund for environmental defense
October 27, 2005
MHT Document Berks to get sludge monitoring funds
October 26, 2005
MHT Document Berks set to settle suit with Conestoga Landfill
MHT Document Scott knocks end of Conestoga Landfill lawsuit
MHT Document Commissioners consider audit of landfill host fees
MHT Document Conestoga Landfill fails to sway critics
October 22, 2005
MHT Document Meetings set to aid preservation of portion of Highlands region
October 17, 2005
MHT Document Before there's a trail, there's a trek
October 14, 2005
MHT Document Perry urged to monitor sludge
October 13, 2005
MHT Document Open space supporters want more money to preserve Berks
October 12, 2005
MHT Document County urged to borrow for preservation
October 10, 2005
MHT Document Residents invited for input on trail from Hamburg to Reading
October 9, 2005
MHT Document Berks weathers 9 inches of rainfall
October 8, 2005
MHT Document Berks gets portrait of regional haze
MHT Document Berks' EAC list of good deeds long
October 4, 2005
MHT Document Laureldale targets Exide . . . Again
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill is closed permanently
October 3, 2005
MHT Document Developer drops plan for 110 homes in Sinking Spring
October 1, 2005
MHT Document Exeter EAC wants officials to deny waiver requests
MHT Document Last truck dumps at Pottstown Landfill
September 30, 2005
MHT Document Authority to hold hazardous waste collection
September 28, 2005
MHT Document County to seek Antietam Lake grants
September 27, 2005
MHT Document Exeter to allow school in Agricultural zone
September 25, 2005
MHT Document Berks will join in celebration of National 4-H week
September 23, 2005
MHT Document Electronics recycling collection scheduled at Wyomissing site
September 20, 2005
MHT Document Lower Heidleberg offers free water testing to residents
September 13, 2005
MHT Document Antietam dam offer would limit city's options, consulting firm says
MHT Document Consultant ill informed, Sprencer says
MHT Document Exeter Twp. moves to take land
MHT Document OK bottling plant, city panel told
September 12, 2005
MHT Document PA DEP issues code orange air alert for Berks County
MHT Document Farmers say government subsidies crucial to keeping industry alive
MHT Document Injury, danger a constant worry on farms
MHT Document The struggle to survive
MHT Document Concerns growing at orchard amid troubles in fruit industry
MHT Document Work set to resume on Thun Trail span
September 11, 2005
MHT Document A tradition in trouble: Berks County's declining agricultural industry
MHT Document Going organic a healthy change for once struggling dairy farmer
September 7, 2005
MHT Document Probe continues in blaze at Robeson warehouse
September 3, 2005
MHT Document Feds indict former toxic warehouse owner
MHT Document Reading's trash plan delayed, officials say
September 1, 2005
MHT Document EPA approves Maryland water quality standards, giving jump start to cleaning Chesapeake Bay
August 31, 2005
MHT Document Berks Commissioners reclaim farm preservation role
August 26, 2005
MHT Document Residents voice support for sludge monitoring
August 24, 2005
MHT Document Water loss at Antietam draws many to site
August 23, 2005
MHT Document EPA may expand Exide cleanup
MHT Document Water level issue at Antietam puzzles officials
August 22, 2005
MHT Document Officials study dramatic drop in Antietam Lake level
August 20, 2005
MHT Document Upper Bern EAC to look into recycling and open burning
August 17, 2005
MHT Document County preservation plan in need of cash
August 16, 2005
MHT Document Reminder: Berks EAC to host public meeting on biosolids on August 25th
MHT Document Pennsylvania to develop state-specific mercury regulations to protect public health and economy
August 14, 2005
MHT Document County officials weigh farm preservation program changes
MHT Document Farm preservation in Berks County
August 12, 2005
MHT Document Mascaro: No agenda for Antietam
August 11, 2005
MHT Document City planning panel opposes water-plant plan
August 4, 2005
MHT Document DEP forecasts second day of unsafe air quality for Berks County
August 3, 2005
MHT Document DEP forecasts poor air quality for Berks County
August 2, 2005
MHT Document Greenwich Township residents seek action on odorous sludge
July 30, 2005
MHT Document Odor from sewage sludge offends Greenwich
July 29, 2005
MHT Document FDA says antibiotic used in chickens poses risk to humans
July 28, 2005
MHT Document Berks monitoring of sludge urged
July 26, 2005
MHT Document Reading Council hires lawyer to help push Antietam Lake sale
MHT Document Oley asthma study a work in process
July 20, 2005
MHT Document Residents complain about noise, odor from Exide plant
July 15, 2005
MHT Document On a clear day . . . Berks EAC website will show it
July 12, 2005
MHT Document Council tables mayor's plan to sell lake
MHT Document Odors, noise from Exide
July 7, 2005
MHT Document Pottstown Boro Trash Plan
July 6, 2005
MHT Document Mayor resubmits plan to sell Antietam Lake to county
July 2, 2005
MHT Document Heidelberg asks for maximum cleanup for Ryeland Road
June 30, 2005
MHT Document Homes may be Superfund sites [Heidelberg Township] future
June 29, 2005
MHT Document Scott: it's time to take Antietam Lake
June 28, 2005
MHT Document Bill would stall permit process for landfills that cause odors
MHT Document Antietam debate closer to courtroom
June 26, 2005
MHT Document Foundation laid for green legacy
June 24, 2005
MHT Document PA DEP issues air warning for Berks County over the weekend - unhealthy for sensitive groups
MHT Document PA DEP issues air warning for Berks County - unhealthy for sensitive groups
June 22, 2005
MHT Document Group says Berks needs sludge rules for farmers
June 19, 2005
MHT Document National parks and wilderness areas protected by Clean Air Visibility rule
June 17, 2005
MHT Document Reading water authority claims final say on Antietam
June 16, 2005
MHT Document City ethics violations alleged in Antietam deal
MHT Document Water panel can block Antietam lake deal
MHT Document Firm now seeks Antietam option
MHT Document Waste Management to close Pottstown Landfill this fall
June 15, 2005
MHT Document County may lease land at dam to lure grants
MHT Document River boosters unveil master plan
June 14, 2005
MHT Document City council votes to sell Antietam to M.B. Investments
June 13, 2005
MHT Document City council likely to vote on Antietam
June 11, 2005
MHT Document Residents go right to work in Reading neighborhood cleanup
June 9, 2005
MHT Document Wood-recycling permit [Zwicky Processing] being appealed to court
June 8, 2005
MHT Document Scott proposes using federal grant money to help buy Antietam
June 5, 2005
MHT Document Network raises awareness to preserve Schuylkill River
June 4, 2005
MHT Document Plan to clean up park polluted by Exide awaited
MHT Document Land-use decision will guide clean up at Superfund site [Ryeland Road, Heidelberg]
June 3, 2005
MHT Document Route 82 might not reopen
MHT Document Shad release program's success is anyone's guess
MHT Document Schuylkill dams present problems
June 2, 2005
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill woes after closure are predicted
MHT Document McMahon vetoes measure to reserve Antietam funds
May 31, 2005
MHT Document Foundation to have first 'green' building in Reading downtown
May 28, 2005
MHT Document Mayor McMahon promotes Berks lake offer
MHT Document Mayor McMahon may veto lake-revenue plan
May 27, 2005
MHT Document Berks County Commissioners increase offer for Antietam
May 26, 2005
MHT Document L. Alsace to meet with city, county on Antietam offer
MHT Document Antietam funds set for open space
May 20, 2005
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill expansion plan rejected by state panel
May 17, 2005
MHT Document Berks to get $100,000 from Pottstown Landfill
May 16, 2005
MHT Document Growing Greener seen as chance, threat
MHT Document Robeson road closing draws few complaints
May 14, 2005
MHT Document Making a stink about air quality - children's environmental health
May 13, 2005
MHT Document County asserts in can afford Antietam
May 12, 2005
MHT Document Lower Alsace to aid lake bid
May 11, 2005
MHT Document Fleetwood middle school wins envirothon
MHT Document Longswamp rezoning foes press officials
May 10, 2005
MHT Document Farmer withdraws rezoning appeal in Longswamp
MHT Document Reading offers Antietam Lake, land to county
May 7, 2005
MHT Document Reading hears Antietam Lake offer
May 4, 2005
MHT Document Spurring economy, reining in housing
April 30, 2005
MHT Document Berks offers cash to buy Antietam Lake
April 29, 2005
MHT Document County extends offer on Antietam Lake deal
April 28, 2005
MHT Document Poor quality of air in Berks earns an F from American Lung Assoc.
MHT Document Proposals for Riverfront unveiled
MHT Document Township weighs bond to sweeten Antietam deal
April 27, 2005
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill cited for three air quality violations
April 26, 2005
MHT Document Three more offers on Antietam Lake property
April 25, 2005
MHT Document Firm will present first draft of master plan for Schuylkill riverfront
April 24, 2005
MHT Document A $23 million Earth Day celebration
MHT Document Titus owner weighs mercury cuts
MHT Document About 900 answer call to give Reading a clean sweep
April 23, 2005
MHT Document Section of Route 82 may stay closed
MHT Document Lawmakers tout bill to help save farmland
April 22, 2005
MHT Document Earth Day: then and now
April 21, 2005
MHT Document Groups asked to sweeten Antietam offer
April 20, 2005
MHT Document Crowd urges Antietam preservation
April 19, 2005
MHT Document Work on pedestrian bridge for Thun trail moves forward
April 18, 2005
MHT Document A perfect Earth Day event
April 14, 2005
MHT Document Foes of Longswamp zoning change warned
April 12, 2005
MHT Document Berks official disappointed over denial of [Pioneer] landfill expansion appeal
MHT Document State board dismisses [Pioneer] landfill ruling appeal
MHT Document Conservation District presents awards
MHT Document Council makes little headway on Antietam, sets meetings
April 8, 2005
MHT Document Pennsylvania to challenge EPA on mercury emissions
April 6, 2005
MHT Document County makes $3.5 million offer for Antietam Lake
MHT Document County's Antietam offer welcomed
April 5, 2005
MHT Document Decision expected on county joining hog-farm case
April 3, 2005
MHT Document Heavy rains causes some flooding in Berks
April 1, 2005
MHT Document County wants grant to buy smog-monitoring camera
MHT Document Conservancy to city: Don't sell Antietam
MHT Document Many eyes trained on pig farm
MHT Document Opinions on pig farm vary during meeting
March 31, 2005
MHT Document L. Alsace will try to preserve Antietam site
March 30, 2005
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill request reveals expansion request
MHT Document Holding back the tide - Antietam Lake housing proposal
March 29, 2005
MHT Document Conestoga Landfill fined $52,500 for odor violations
MHT Document Conestoga Landfill and state in settlement deal
March 24, 2005
MHT Document Scientist says Pottstown Landfill could explode
MHT Document Sinking Spring group wants open space in development
MHT Document Longswamp to sue county in appeal
MHT Document Hundreds pack hearing on Longswamp rezoning
March 22, 2005
MHT Document Pottstown Landfill consultant's report is questioned
MHT Document EPA says TCE may exist below homes in Bally
March 21, 2005
MHT Document Highlands supporters fighting to get promised federal aid
March 19, 2005
MHT Document Conestoga Landfill sets goal of no odors from landfill
March 16, 2005
MHT Document Some unsure about conservancy's new focus on city needs
MHT Document Panel OK's up to $5,000 for study of Longswamp Township 
MHT Document Agreement on Antietam Lake continues to elude City Council
March 14, 2005
MHT Document Survey to determine if pasture stays wet
March 12, 2005
MHT Document County may aid Union in fight against developer
MHT Document Plans moving forward to complete Schuylkill River trail
MHT Document County may harvest trees to raise revenues
MHT Document County owned land (being considered for harvesting)
MHT Document Robeson debates fate of Route 82
March 11, 2005
MHT Document EPA Announces landmark clean air interstate rules
MHT Document Legal fees called drain on Union
March 10, 2005
MHT Document Antietam Dam not unstable, engineers say
MHT Document Advice may be secret (not subject to PA Sunshine Law), Union Townships says
March 9, 2005
MHT Document Conservancy to honor municipal cooperation
March 8, 2005
MHT Document County may harvest trees to raise revenues
MHT Document Environmental studies to hold up bridge work
March 7, 2005
MHT Document New plant at Pioneer Landfill would convert methane to electricity
March 5, 2005
MHT Document Douglas (Berks) buys land on river for recreation
March 4, 2005
MHT Document 2 Commissioners endorse hog farm expansion
March 2, 2005
MHT Document 2 Commissioners agree to support hog farmer
MHT Document City contracts firm to help in deciding fate of sewage treatment plant
March 1, 2005
MHT Document Snow causes problems, but doesn't meet predictions
February 26, 2005
MHT Document Consultants say no evidence of Pottstown Landfill pollution
February 25, 2005
MHT Document Study:Pottstown Landfill isn't source of TCE
MHT Document County asked to review proposal for landfill gas-to-energy plant
February 19, 2005
MHT Document Exeter gets $276,000 for sewer upgrade
MHT Document Prothonotary says mold/dust cause problems
MHT Document West Reading pursues noise issue
February 18, 2005
MHT Document Landfill critic wins concessions
MHT Document Effects of flooding continues to plague Birdsboro
February 16, 2005
MHT Document County to examine firm’s application for emission relief
February 15, 2005
MHT Document Pottstown residents doubt findings of EPA study
February 11, 2005
MHT Document Local recycling rate stuck in the dumps
MHT Document What the law says
MHT Document County’s recycling rate lags behind neighbors
MHT Document Berks County to challenge Longswamp zoning
February 5, 2005
MHT Document Drawing the line: City, conservancy studying Neversink housing deal
February 3, 2005
MHT Document States agriculture secretary seeks review of municipal farming laws
February 2, 2005
MHT Document County to assess impact of business on pollution
February 1, 2005
MHT Document Berks County has orange air quality alert
MHT Document County spends $71M for more than 10,000 acres
MHT Document Conservancy seeks partners in County
January 29, 2005
MHT Document Former DEP official leaves closure committee
MHT Document Joint plan hearings wrap up in Boyertown
MHT Document Farm program at crossroad
January 28, 2005
MHT Document Consultant: Berks can't enforce comprehensive plan
MHT Document County OK's funding to save farmland
MHT Document Panel wants preservation/growth policy
MHT Document Berks won't file zoning appeal
January 26, 2005
MHT Document Hearings now required for development
January 26, 2005
MHT Document Longswamp dispute may get resolved
January 25, 2005
MHT Document Council awards contract for wetlands
MHT Document Exeter residents want property re-zoned
January 21, 2005
MHT Document History confronts growth
MHT Document Longswamp protest continues
January 20, 2005
MHT Document Conestoga Landfill agrees to limit expansion
January 15, 2005
MHT Document Heavy rain, wind usher cold front
MHT Document Statements support landfill suit
January 14, 2005
MHT Document Longswamp zoning vote awaits opinion
January 13, 2005
MHT Document Panel opposes Longswamp rezoning
January 12, 2005
MHT Document Longswamp solicitor: Rezoning to stand
MHT Document County ready to press landfill lawsuit
MHT Document Lake loosing capacity at faster rate
MHT Document Berks, landfill have mixed signals over county court ruling on lawsuit
January 7, 2005
MHT Document Berks EAC Committee on Recycling to have first meeting on January 24th
MHT Document Berks needs more time to investigate Township's zoning
January 6, 2005
MHT Document Six States to cut pollution in Chesapeake Bay
MHT Document Oxychem closing strictly economic
MHT Document Longswamp development plan spurs concernsError Script
January 5, 2005
MHT Document Water project halted for lack of money
MHT Document More commercial development among 2005 goals for Amity supervisors
MHT Document Occidental to close plant
MHT Document Berks says it will look at township's rezoning plan
MHT Document Scott opposes Longswamp rezoning
January 4, 2005
MHT Document Landfill digs 172,000 tons of trash from trailer park
January 3, 2005
MHT Document Hard feelings follow offer by developer
MHT Document
MHT Document Other places could find uses for Earl's $21 million reserve