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Berks County > County Departments > Berks County Association of Environmental Advisory Councils
Berks Environmental Network *


Baird Ornithological Club


Address: 176 Clymer Street

Reading, PA 19602


Phone: 610-371-5090 


Contact: Bill Uhrich (

             JoAnne Kintner (




     Description: The purpose of the club is to study birds and nature

and through that study acquaint others with birds and the environment, and to help preserve wildlife and promote conservation and retention of natural areas.



Berks Agricultural Land Preservation Board     

Address: 1238 County Welfare Road     

Leesport, PA 19533     


   Phone: 610-378-1844


     Contact: Tami  Hildebrand  (




     Description: It is the mission of the Berks County Agricultural Land

Preservation Board to protect viable agricultural lands by acquiring agricultural conservation easements, which prevent the development of the land for any other purpose other than agricultural production



Berks County Conservancy     

Address: 25 N. 11th Street

Reading, PA 19601


Phone: 610-372-4992 


Contact: Larry Lloyd (

         Dennis Rearden    (




Description: The Berks County Conservancy was established as a

non-profit membership organization in 1974, with a mission to preserve Berks County's unique cultural and environmental heritage for the benefit of future generations.



Berks County Conservation District 

   Address: 1238 County Welfare Road     

                Leesport, PA 19533     


Phone: 610-372-4657 


Contact: John  Ravert (

         Ryan  Zerbe (




Description: Dedicated to the encouragement and instruction of the

wise stewardship of the soils and waters of Berks County so that present and future generations may have healthy land to live and work on and clean water for drinking and recreation.



Berks County Environmental Advisory Council

   Address: 1238 County Welfare Road

                P.O.Box 520

                Leesport, PA 19533


Contact: John Ravert (




Description: The Berks EAC functions as an advisory group to

         the County of Berks. 



Berks County Parks & Recreation    

   Address: 2083 Tulpehocken Road  

               Wyomissing, PA 19610   


Phone: 610-372-8939 


Contact: William Semmel (




Description: The Berks County Parks & Recreation Department

is charged with the development, operation, and maintenance of all the County-owned Parks, recreation facilities, and historic sites.  The Department is responsible for providing recreational opportunities as well as addressing the interpretive and educational needs as related to these facilities.


Berks County Planning Commission   

Address: 633 Court St., 14th Fl.

             Reading, PA 19601


Phone: 610-478-6300 


Contact: Glenn Knoblauch (

            Shannon Rossman  (




Description: n/a



Berks Federated Sportsmen    

Address: 944  Fritztown Road

            Sinking Spring, PA 19608     


Phone: 610-678-4179 


Contact: John Shobert (


Webpage: n/a


Description: n/a



Berks Open Space & Recreation Advisory Council 

   Address: 18 Turkey Road   

               Kempton, PA 19529


Phone: 610-683-7341

   Contact: David Esser (

            Helen Olena (


   Webpage: n/a


   Description: n/a



Environmental Action Committee     

Address: BOX 200    

            Lenhartsville, PA 19534


Phone: 610-756-6855 


Contact: Matt Polis  (







Freedom Trails Association   

   Address: Box 53     

                Limekiln, PA 19535


Phone: 610-689-4448 


Contact: Neil Dreslin (


Webpage: n/a





Hawk Mountain Acopian Center 

   Address: 410 Summer Valley Road 

               Orwigsburg, PA    17961


Phone: 570-943-3411


Contact: Laurie Goodrich (

            David Barber




   Description: fosters the conservation of birds of prey worldwide

and to create a better understanding of, and further the conservation of, the natural environment, particularly the Central Appalachian region.



Hay Creek Watershed Association

   Address:  P.O. Box 162

                Giegertown, PA 19519


Phone: 610-286-7757



              Mary Jane Stell, President (

              Chip Karasin, Board Member  (

              Todd R. Stell, Board Member (




Description: The mission of the Hay Creek Watershed Association

is to protect, preserve, and restore Hay Creek and its watershed through advocacy, education, and community involvement



League of Women Voters 

   Address: 20 Ptarmigan Drive

               Reading, PA 19606


   Phone: 610-779-6960 


Contact: Beth Litvin (




Description: The purpose of the League of Women Voters is to

promote responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government



Mengel Natural History Society

   Address: 140 Deysher Road 

               Fleetwood, PA 19522    


Phone: 610-987-3281 


Contact: Karl Gardner (

                  Ryan  Woolwine




   Description: The purposes of the Society is the stimulation of interest

and study in natural history in all its branches, the promotion and diffusion of scientific knowledge, and the creation of the scientific spirit.



Monocacy Hill Conservation Assoc.  

   Address: 53 Geiger Road   

               Douglassville, PA 19518


Phone: 610-385-3226 


Contact: Risa Marmontello  (




Description: The purpose of the Monocacy Hill Conservation Association

is to preserve the Monocacy Hill Recreation Area in its natural state and to maintain the forest for recreation and as a retreat for the study and appreciation of nature. In addition, we are committed to protecting the environmental quality of our township and local area.



Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center    

   Address: 2910 New Holland Road  

               Reading, PA 19607


Contact: Tamara Peffer (

         Linda Ingram



   Description: The Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center, operated

by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of State Parks, is dedicated to helping people develop a sound environmental ethic. Since the early 1970s, the center has provided a wide variety of activity-oriented programs for students, teachers, adult groups and individuals



Pike Environmental Advisory Council

   Address: n/a




   Contact: Jaap Van Liere (



Pike, Oley, District Preservation Coalition

   Address: 49 Water Street      

               Oley, PA 19547   


Phone: 610-921-7727 


Contact: Susan Munch (

            George Kramer (







Pine Creek Watershed Association

   Address: 69 Bertolet Mill Road  

               Oley, PA 19547


Phone: 610-987-6558 


Contact: Phoebe Hopkins (




Description: Dedicated to the preservation of the Pine Creek Watershed.



Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension Berks County

   Address: 1238 County Welfare Road

            P.O. Box 520

            Leesport, PA 19533


   Phone: 610-378-1327 


Contact: Clyde Myers

         Beth Finley




Description: to extend non-formal outreach educational opportunities

to individuals, families, businesses, and communities throughout Pennsylvania



Raymond Proffitt Foundation

   Address: 200 Hoch Road    

               Oley, PA 19547


Contact: Harlan Snyder    


Phone: 215-945-1329




Description: The Raymond Proffitt Foundation is a public interest

non-profit organization concerned with the enforcement of environmental protection laws.


Reading Public Museum  

   Address: 500 Museum Road  

               Reading, PA 19611


Phone: 610-371-5850 x 235 


Contact: Mike Feyers (




Description: Reading Public Museum together with its Planetarium

provides educational and cultural programs which reach hundreds of thousands of people annually.



Schuylkill Office Delaware Riverkeeper Network 

   Address: PO BOX 459 

               St. Peters, PA 19470   


Phone: 610-469-6005 


Contact: Chari Towne (




Description: The Delaware Riverkeeper is the voice of the Delaware River

and its streams, championing their rights as living members of our community, and is leader for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.



Sierra Club

   Address: P.O. Box 663

               Harrisburg, PA 17108-0663


Phone: 717-232-0101


   Contact: Tom Power (




   Description: n/a



Trout Unlimited  

      Address: P.O.  BOX 13608

                  Reading, PA 19612


   Phone: 610-929-9428 


Contact: Leonard Good

         Rick  Bell


Webpage: n/a


Description: n/a


 * Note: the Berks Environmenatl Network is an informal organization of groups addressing environmental issues formed to assist communication between these groups.  These groups though are seperate organizations and thus are not responcible for the contect or postions of other organizations.