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The Berks County Residential Center currently operates the Residential Program through a inter-governmental service agreement with the Juvenile and Family Residential Management Unit.

Goals & Objectives
The goals and objectives are to continue to meet the requirements set forth in the ICE Residential Standards guidelines governing the Berks County Residential Center’s operation, while striving to design programs to meet the needs of the residents in the program.

Key public Service Areas - Provide necessary and appropriate residential services to eligible immigration females. Routine medical and dental care is provided on-site. Recreational activities and special events are planned according to the diverse cultures represented. Adult classes are available in English as a second language, vocational skills, and arts and crafts.

Scope of Operations -To provide a Residential Program for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Berks County Residential Center provides for the care and custody of non-violent, non-criminal alien females in a residential setting pending the outcome of their immigration proceedings. 

Critical Objectives - The Berks County Residential Center provides an avenue for the residents in a safe and secure environment while while Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) enforces immigration laws. 


The Berks County Residential Center has a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse/assault. Any suspected, observed or reported sexual activity must be reported immediately to the onsite Supervisor for further action.

Residential Center- 1-610-396-0310

Bern Township Police Department- 1-610-926-2267

Department of Homeland Security-Joint Intake Center (Involving Homeland Security Staff/Contracted Employees)-


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