Welcome to the County of Berks
Juvenile and Family Residential Management Unit

The Juvenile and Family Residential Management Unit (JFRMU) addresses issues that arise when immigration officers encounter unaccompanied alien child (UAC), other minors, and family groups during the course of operations.

Other JFRMU duties include:

  • Based on best practices, JFRMU manages a residential center for certain families mandatorily detained during removal proceedings.
  • Through intra- and interagency working groups and informal interaction, JFRMU and our counterparts address issues of common concern in the interest of creating efficiencies in the best interest of the children, the families, and the government.

In addition to addressing general issues alien family groups face, JFRMU manages a Family Residential Program at a center located in Berks, Pennsylvania:

  • The ICE Family Residential Standards provide the framework for this program which is supported by on-site Headquarters staff and which undergoes regular, rigorous compliance inspections.
  • The Center houses low-level, non-criminal residents in a shelter-like setting.
  • All residents enjoy open movement and are provided with ongoing medical and mental-health care as well as other supportive services.
  • JFRMU collaborates with other DHS components, federal agencies, and national and international non-governmental organizations on juvenile- and family-immigration issues.
    • JFRMU tracks trends in UAC migration and works proactively with its partners to promote best practices. J
    • FRMU team members serve on interagency working groups and other forums including the congressionally mandated Coordinating Council for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention chaired by the Attorney General.