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Volunteer Service Board

Volunteer Service Board of Berks Heim

The Volunteer Service Board of Berks Heim:

•Provides volunteer workers for Berks Heim;
•Encourages all community organizations to participate in the volunteer program;
•Cooperates with the Director of Volunteers, Director of Activities, Administrator and County Commissioners, to provide financial support and recognition of volunteer efforts within Berks Heim;
• Provides financial support for resident needs through fundraising efforts held in conjunction with Berks Heim.

Excerpts from the Volunteer Service Board Bylaws:

• Regular meetings shall be held the third Monday of every month except June, July, and December, unless otherwise ordered by the Board.
• The elected officers and the Immediate Past Chairman shall comprise the Executive Committee.
• The following standing committees shall be appointed by the Chairman: Auditing, Annual Festival, and Membership.
• Such other committees, standing or special shall be appointed by the Chairman as the Board shall from time to time deem necessary to carry on the work of the Board.


Dorsey Derr, Chairman, BC Fed. of Woman's Clubs
Toni A. Brooks, Vice Chairman, Family Get-Together,
Sandy Manbeck, Co-Treasurer, Berks County Farm Women,

Harriett Ziegenfuss, Co-Treasurer, BCFed.ofWoman'sClubs,
Brenda Stein, Secretary, Individual Volunteer

Lillian Bucks, BC Farm Women

Janet Faust, BC Fed. of Woman’s Clubs

Denice Fulmer, Individual Volunteer

Erma Gerberich, Individual – Quilter

Diane Leeds,IndividualVolunteer

Paul Miller, BC Pamona Grange

Dorothy Miller, BC Pamonma Grange
Grace Reber, St. Thomas Church
Gail Scott, Family Get-Together
Priscilla Steger, St. Ignatius RC Church
Eleanor Shaner, Individual Volunteer

Mattie Stevens, Zion Baptist Church
Lorrie Wesner, BC Pomona Grange

Berks Heim Representatives:
Ann M. Gilmer, Director of Volunteers & Clerical Services
Terence J. Brennan, Administrator