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Support your local Fire Company


Support Your Local Fire Company
Plan To Assist Volunteer Fire Companies in Berks County

“…Answer the Call”
“As Berks County Commissioners we are asking businesses in Berks to take the following 5 steps to help support our local fire companies.

  1. Have member businesses join their local fire company. – Contact your local fire company and find out how your business can become a member.
  2. Have member businesses schedule an Open House at their firm with their local fire company annually. – This is a great way to say thank you to your local fire fighters, provide them with a free meal and have them tour your facility so they know what they are dealing with in case of a fire and so they can give you pointers on how you can improve the overall fire safety of your facility.
  3. Encourage employees to join and support a local fire company. – They can join either the company closest to their home or work. The idea of support is membership, attendance at fundraising events and general involvement in ones local fire company.
  4. Encourage employees to become a volunteer with their local fire company. – Of course becoming a firefighter is a great way to volunteer but it is not the only way and it is not the greatest need. Fire Companies need people to help run events, sell tickets, help with the books, volunteer carpentry, plumbing, HVAC and electrical skills. There is certainly a way each person can volunteer.
  5. Support employees who volunteer as fire fighters. - If an employee becomes a firefighter please do what you can to support them in this life-saving commitment. Be flexible with their work schedule and if at all possible, pay for lost wages when they need to leave work to answer a call.