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2013 Constables’ Training


Constables and deputy constables must successfully complete the 20-hour Continuing Education course in order to renew their certifications for 2014. Based upon successful completion of continuing education by October 2013, constables and deputy constables will be issued certification cards in December 2013, which will indicate certification for 2014.

Civil Law Review - Enforcement of Judgments (4 hours) – This course is designed to provide a timeline and procedural guidance to Pennsylvania constables in the enforcement of judgments rendered by Magisterial District Judges for the payment of money. The course reviews in detail Title 246, Minor Court Civil Rules, Chapter 400. Several case studies and scenarios that directly relate to the performance of levies by constables have been included for classroom review and discussion. The course concludes with a video of a levy/laboratory exercise that allows students additional practice performing a levy. This course includes a written examination.

Criminal Law Review – Warrant Service (4 hours) – Constables are often tasked with serving arrest warrants for a wide variety of criminal offenses. This course will examine the legal precedence for warrant service as per Title 234, Rules of Criminal Procedure, as well as the tactics for safe and efficient service. The course will conclude with a review of case law regarding a warrant for arrest and probable cause per Berg v. County of Allegheny. This course includes a written examination.


Lessons Learned – Surviving a Constable-Involved Shooting (4 hours) – No other event has greater capacity to traumatize a constable than involvement in a shooting incident. The finger pointing, criticism, and intense scrutiny by the public and media after such an incident can be overwhelming. Years of litigation and the potential for civil judgments resulting from lawsuits can lead to financial ruin, depression, and domestic problems. As such, this year's version of the lessons learned course will focus on constable-involved shooting (CIS) incidents, using two such recent incidents to highlight critical issues.

This four-hour module is designed to provide essential knowledge as to what a constable can anticipate following a CIS incident and how constables can prepare for and overcome the challenges of such a situation. The module uses video interviews of constables who were involved in actual CIS situations, along with a lecture and discussion, to accomplish its goals. This course includes a written examination.

Defensive Tactics (8 hours) – This is an eight-hour block of instruction that reviews and provides practice in basic constable defensive tactic techniques including: patterns of movement and footwork; handgun retention techniques; armbar takedowns and outside wrist turn takedowns; handcuffing tactics, techniques and procedures; strikes, kicks, and blocks; methods of transitioning between force options; emergency knife defense; and ground defense escape