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SUBJECT: Graffiti Abatement Program (G.A.P.) 
PURPOSE: To develop a coordinated process that will address the prevention, removal and reporting of graffiti vandalism.
AUTHORITY: Within the Criminal Justice Policy Group, the Graffiti Abatement Coordinator and Adult Probation Departments can oversee and manage the program and with the assistance of fellow members and utilized selected resources to accomplish their goals.
SCOPE: Key commitment is critical from  APO, District Judges, law enforcement and the courts.
RATIONALE: In order to have an affect on the issues of gangs, quality of life violations and still be fiscally reasonable, the graffiti program offers a multi-tiered approach to improve the community.  Through a planned and marketed program, this initiative will seek to educate the public on their role as the eyes and ears of their neighborhood and that their local government services are at the ready to work with them to prevent and reverse damaging aspect of their community.
POLICY: It is the policy of this initiative to utilize the criminal justice system of Berks County to educate the general public to the adverse effects of graffiti in their area.  To utilize persons working off community service hours to repair the damage caused by graffiti.  And that the court system will recognize offenses committed in identified target zones as a high priority.

• Adult (APO) Probation will donate 1000 hours of community service.
• The County of Berks will notify each police department and their chief government official of the service available to them and ask they respond with locations of graffiti in their areas.
• The County of Berks will have an informational link up on the website to assist City/Township and Borough Managers in drafting anti-graffiti ordinances and developing removal and reporting procedures.
• Suggested sites will be prioritized for clean-up.
• Graffiti Abatement Coordinator will schedule and (APO) will staff the program to assure that an ongoing operation is being done.
• Digital photos will be taken of all projects and stored for future use.
• The Graffiti Abatement initiative will provide for the utilization of recording, mapping and categorization software technology that is easily accessed to support local law enforcement agencies with timely information and to promote prevention.
• Data will be kept to assess the impact that graffiti removal has on property values and business implications.
Steve Harrity
Graffiti Abatement Coordinator
610-478-6208 X5703