Child Support

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Have a child support order and been recently activated? Protect your children and yourself.
Contact your child support agency (Berks County Domestic Relations, if you have a support case in Berks County, PA) as soon as possible if your income has changed, if you have an upcoming hearing, if your child support order requires you to provide dependent medical insurance, or to insure that an income attachment is sent to DFAS in a timely manner.
Child Support
Individuals with support cases in Berks County or any County within the Commonwealth may log on to view their case and payment information, change their address, etc. Site also allows public access to general child support information.
FAQs, Guidelines, Establishing Paternity, etc.
PA Rules of Court (see 1910.16-1 et. seq. for Support Guidelines)
Berks County Domestic Relations provides an outreach program to provide education to students and agency workers within the community. Our goal is to increase awareness of child support as a tool to help single parents achieve economic self-sufficiency and increase their children's standard of living.
Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement