Effective September 6th, clients and attorneys will have the ability to file complaints and petitions along with additional supporting documents electronically through the Child Support Website (CSWS).
How it works:
You must be registered on the CSWS to submit a request. After you complete and submit a request, you will receive a confirmation email that will advise you to come into our office during normal business hours to complete your request. If there is a situation in which we do not need you to appear in our office to complete your request, we will send you a subsequent email communication with additional information and instruction. Your filing is not considered complete and cannot be processed until you have appeared in our office or submitted the necessary additional information/fee as requested by our office.
Forms you can electronically submit for various actions:
New Cases:
Application for Child/Spousal Support
Complaint for Support
Authorization for Release of Information
Entry of Appearance
Complaint for Support Defendant as Petitioner
Modification of Existing Orders:
Petition-Modification /Termination/Reinstatement of an Existing Support Order
Entry of Appearance
NOTE: the $25.00 petition to modify fee must be paid prior to the Online Petition being processed.
Payment may be remitted to:
                                                    DRS Docketing
                                                    6th floor
                                                    633 Court Street
                                                    Reading, PA 19601
Entry of Appearance:
Entry of Appearance
Withdrawal of Complaint:
Withdrawal of Complaint
Recovery of Overpayments:
Petition for Recovery of Support Overpayment in Active Case
Petition for Recovery of Support Overpayment in Terminated Case
Please note:
Our Attorney Section of this website provides a link to an E-Services-Attorney Assistance-Reference Guide.