Welcome to the County of Berks
Locate Unit

The locate unit at the Berks County Domestic Relations is responsible for maintaining and updating critical information for our clients. The most important piece of information that the Locate Unit focuses on are the address and employer of our clients. It is imperative that the Domestic Relations has a current address for each client so that our office can assure that all court notices that are mailed are delivered to their intended recipient. Having the correct current address for a client also reduces the amount of time that is needed for successful service. Likewise, having the current employment for each party helps assure that the Domestic Relations Section is entering a fair support order based on the parties actual earnings. Most importantly, having a current employer is the most effective way to ensure that support payments are received in a timely fashion. This is done through a wage or income attachment.

In its efforts to locate missing parties, Domestic Relations interfaces with several other governmental agencies, such as the Dept. of Labor, National Directory of new Hires, and PennDot. Unfortunately, these resources are not always accurate in providing current information. In circumstances where this office does not have a current address for the Defendant, a Locate Interview may be scheduled. At this appointment, which usually lasts an hour, a Locate Specialist will review any and all possible information with the Plaintiff, in the hopes of locating the Defendant's current address and/or employer.

Please be advised that clients are under Court Order to notify the Domestic Relations Office of any change in address and/or employment.

To submit a locate tip to Domestic Relations click here*.  When submitting the tip, please include as much information about the defendant as possible including but not limited to: the defendant's name, DOB, current address/employer.

Also, include your daytime phone number if you would like to be reached regarding the submitted tip.