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Schools/Agencies Outreach Project

Teen Pregnancy Prevention & Child Support Education

An Open Invitation to Educators in Berks County

Register Middle & High School Classes for this important Outreach Program!

Dear Berks County Educators:

The County of Berks Domestic Relations (DR) Office is pleased to offer a School Outreach Program designed to educate middle and high school students of the mission and operations of the DR Office. In addition, give them a sense of the heavy responsibilities imposed by single parenthood as it relates to payment of child support obligations. The outreach program has two important purposes:

1. Teen Pregnancy Prevention

2. Child Support Education

From a perspective of preventing teen pregnancy, it is important that teens understand that, aside from strong moral implications, there are long-term financial consequences to teen pregnancy and parenthood. We explain that our office is responsible for establishing and enforcing a duty of support on the absent parent, while providing a source of relief for the custodial parent. It can be useful for teens to be able to picture themselves in either situation, as they are at an age when they are beginning to make adult choices.

The outreach information can help young people more fully understand the consequences of sexual activity and teen pregnancy. Our outreach discussion centers on the financial responsibilities of parenthood and the requirements of the child support laws in Berks County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We have put together an informative presentation, involving role play, to help students realize the importance of supporting children. Our presentation can be adapted to various audience sizes and time allotments. We have presented our program to several Berks County public schools, and we hope you too will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the child support regulations and the Berks County Domestic Relations Office. To proceed, please complete the online registration form, and a representative will be in contact. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future!


The Outreach Committee,

Berks County Domestic Relations