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Custody Self Help
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Custody is civil litigation and is a very serious matter. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you hire a Lawyer to represent you in any custody action. If you would like information about hiring a Lawyer, please call the Berks County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 610-375-4591. If you choose not to hire a Lawyer, you may lose rights important to you. The court will expect you to follow the state and local rules of procedure the same as though you had a Lawyer representing you.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the state forms and instructions is not a substitute for professional legal advice. No one in the Courts, Law Library, Prothonotary's Office or any other Court or County office can give you legal advice, tell you which form(s) you should file or help you fill out/complete the forms. For a list of what Court and County staff can and cannot do to assist you, click on the following link: CAN/CANNOT LIST

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