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FINDING A LAWYER: In Berks County, you are entitled to have a Lawyer represent you, but you are not required to have a Lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer but would like to find one, contact the Berks County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at (610) 375-4591. The Lawyer Referral Secretary will ask questions to determine what area of the law you need help with and will schedule you for a free consultation with a Lawyer who handles that type of cases. Although the consultation with the Lawyer is free, the Lawyer Referral Service has a fee that covers the administrative costs of the program. Please consult the Berks County Bar Association for the cost of the program. During the consultation, the Lawyer will discuss their fees with you. If you decide to hire the Lawyer after the initial consultation, you can, but you are not required to. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, YOU CAN CONTACT:

  • Mid-Penn Legal Services at 1-800-326-9177 to see if you qualify economically for free (Pro Bono) or reduced fee (Modest Means Program) representation.

REPRESENTING YOURSELF: If you represent yourself and do not have a Lawyer, you are still required to prepare, file and serve your legal documents correctly in compliance with the applicable state and local rules of procedure. Although the state website has some forms and instructions to assist you with representing yourself, use of these forms is NOT a substitute for professional legal advice. No one in the Courts, Law Library, Prothonotary's Office or any other Court or County office can give you legal advice, tell you which form(s) you should file or help you fill out/complete the forms. For a list of what Court and County staff can and cannot do to assist you, click on the following link: CAN/CANNOT LIST