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What Relief can a PFA Order Provide?
  • Restrain the defendant from abusing, threatening, harassing, or stalking the plaintiff and/or minor child(ren)

  • Prohibit defendant from contacting the plaintiff, and any other protected person under the Order, at any location noted by the plaintiff

  • Evict/exclude the defendant from the plaintiff’s residence or the residence of any other person protected under the Order

  • Award plaintiff temporary custody of minor child(ren) and provide defendant with partial custody and/or visitation if appropriate

  • Order defendant to pay temporary support for plaintiff and/or the minor child(ren), including medical support and payment of rent/mortgage

  • Reimburse plaintiff for out-of-pocket financial losses as a result of the abuse

  • Prohibit defendant from having any contact with plaintiff’s relatives and children listed in the PFA Order, except as the court finds necessary with respect to partial custody and/or visitation with the minor child(ren)

  • Require the defendant to temporarily turn over weapons to the Berks County Sheriff’s Office and prohibit defendant from transferring, acquiring or possessing any such weapons for the duration of the PFA Order