Welcome to the County of Berks

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Juvenile Probation Office is unable to accept applications for the internship program until January 2022. ​

The Berks County Juvenile Probation Internship Program is designed to provide a “hands-on” learning experience for students working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the fields of criminal justice or social services.  Participants will be exposed to many different aspects of the juvenile justice system including but not limited to; utilization of evidenced based practices; interactions with various law enforcement agencies, counseling agencies, and corrections professionals; observation of the Court system; current technologies; and the core competencies involved with working with offenders.

The Berks County Juvenile Probation Department is an arm of the 23rd Judicial District of Pennsylvania.  At any given time, on average, the Juvenile Probation Department supervises approximately 600 juveniles countywide. The Department is responsible to hold offenders accountable by monitoring and enforcing Court orders. 

Probation officers work with offenders by targeting criminogenic needs and coordinating/delivering services designed to lower their risk to recidivate.  The department works closely with a wide variety of agencies and providers in an effort to accomplish this goal.  A probation officer must possess and utilize many skills including; motivation interviewing techniques; a comprehension of cognitive behavioral therapy; the ability to develop a professional alliance with youth and their families; a thorough understanding of the organizational culture of juvenile probation, juvenile law; and control tactics training (including firearms, oleoresin capsicum spray, handcuffing/restraints, etc.).

A prospective intern should click the link
getting started.  The information attached contains eligibility and requirements.   For your convenience, click here for the County of Berks Employment Application​.   The position applied for is unpaid intern.

Intern candidates will apply to the Berks County Juvenile Probation by completing the required forms and submitting them to Probation Officer Travis Johnson.  Candidates that meet the requirements will be reviewed, and prospective interns will be interviewed.  The department will accept one intern each
semester and two in the summer. 

If there are any questions, please contact Probation Officer, Travis Johnson, at tvjohnson@countyofberks.com​.