Welcome to the County of Berks


The Internship Program at the Berks County Juvenile Probation Office was created to provide a structured program that will give college and university students the opportunity to attain knowledge and experience in the field of Juvenile Justice. The knowledge and experience gained during the internship is not only valuable to the intern' on-going education, but also to the intern's future career.

As an intern, you will be exposed to different aspects of the Juvenile Justice System. The internship program also allows you to concentrate your exposure to match career interests or education goals.

The Berks County Juvenile Probation Office offers only unpaid internships. However, the experience and knowledge obtained during the internship is priceless to your education and future and will bridge the gap between classroom learning and real life experience.

Concentration of Interest

As an intern, you will be exposed to the overall aspects of the Juvenile Probation Office, however, you will also have the opportunity to concentrate on a particular type of probation supervision.

Obtaining an Internship

A prospective intern should complete the following steps in order to be considered for the Berks County Juvenile Probation Internship Program:

  • Contact Assistant Chief Todd Kaley at (610) 478-3200, regarding your interest in the internship program.

  • The initial contact regarding the internship should be made at least one semester before you plan to complete the internship. i.e Apply for the internship at the beginning of the fall semester if you wish to complete the internship in the spring. Please note that there are a limited number of available internships and preference will be given to students who need to complete an internship as part of their graduation requirements.

Any further questions regarding the internship program should be directed to Assistant Chief, Todd Kaley, at (610) 478-3200.