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Magisterial District Map: County of Berks
This map allows you to click on any of the twelve magisterial districts located outside of the City of Reading. Click on a magisterial district to view a larger, detailed map. The larger map will allow you to zoom in and out to see streets and roadways. You will need Adobe PDF viewer in order to see the larger map.

To access magisterial districts within the City of Reading, click on the link to City of Reading Map.
Ann L. Young 23-1-01Timothy M. Dougherty 23-2-02Nicholas Bentz Jr. 23-2-04David E. Glass 23-3-01Phyllis Kowalski 23-2-03Dean R. Patton 23-1-06City Of Reading...Click to view MapMichael G. Hartman 23-3-02Victor M. Frederick IV 23-3-03Gail Greth 23-3-04Thomas Gauby Sr. 23-3-05Kim L. Bagenstose 23-3-06Andrea J. Book 23-3-07