Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Click the question below to see the answer.)

How can I find an attorney to represent me?


How can I find out if an individual was charged with a criminal or summary offense?


Where can I check if certain behavior or conduct is illegal?


How can I find out where someone is being detained who was arrested?


What is an arraignment?


How many points will I receive on my driving record if I plead guilty to this violation?


Can I pay a traffic ticket on-line?


How do I have my driver’s license reinstated?


Can you tell me the dollar limit in small claims court in Pennsylvania?


I was in a car accident and the other driver did not have insurance. What is the best way for me to be compensated for my loss?


If I file a civil complaint today, how soon is the hearing scheduled?


Can I cut down branches from a tree that is in my neighbor’s yard but is hanging over my fence?


I need to sue a contractor for failing to complete work as promised. His business address is Allentown but my property is in Birdsboro. Can you tell me where I would file the civil complaint?


Is there a reduced rate for a dog license for senior citizens?


How do I get a marriage license?


What can I do if I have been renting a room to a friend who has not paid me in the last several months?


Where would I file an appeal of a boat trailer registration suspension?


Someone told me a PFA was filed against me. Can you check that for me?


Where can I get a copy of my divorce papers?


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