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Waiver Arraignments

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 Waiver Arraignment FormWaiver Arraignment Form

 Waiver Arraignment ProceduresWaiver Arraignment Procedures

 Waiver Arraignment Barrett.pdfWaiver Arraignment Schedule: Judge Barrett  

          (MDJs Taylor 23-2-02, Greth 23-3-04, Patton 23-1-06, Young 23-1-01)

Waiver Arraignment Schedule: Judge Geishauser​ (Preliminary Hearings beginning 1/9/2023)

          (MDJs Bagenstose 23-3-06, Yoch 23-2-04, Butler 23-3-09)

 Waiver Arraignment JohnsonWaiver Arraignment Schedule: Judge Johnson 

          (MDJs Book 23-3-07, Fegley 23-2-03, Kennedy 23-2-01, Scott 23-1-03)

 Waiver Arraignment ParisiWaiver Arraignment Schedule: Judge Parisi 

          (MDJs Robinson 23-1-05, Glass 23-3-01, Strand 23-3-05, Hartman 23-3-02)

 Waiver Arraignment YatronWaiver Arraignment Schedule: Judge Yatron (Preliminary Hearings through 1/6/2023)

          (MDJs Bagenstose 23-3-06, Yoch 23-2-04, Chieffo 23-3-03, Johnson 23-1-02, Butler 23-3-09)

Waiver Arraignment Schedule: Judge Lillis 

          (All DUIs)​