Transcript Authorization

All transcripts of official court proceedings shall be prepared only upon written authorization or order of Court. No transcript of any official court proceeding may be prepared without the written consent of the Common Pleas Court judge assigned to the respective case.

In the event that the assigned judge cannot be contacted by all exhaustive means, the authorization must be made by the respective Administrative Judge or the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Transcript Format

All transcripts, except orders dictated from the bench, are prepared in condensed format, e.g. four (4) 25-line pages of text printed on one (1) 8-1/2" X 11" sheet of paper.

Transcript Fees

In accordance with Berks County Rules of Judicial Administration, Rule 5000.1, et seq, the following transcript fees shall apply:

$2.25 per page for original and one (1) copy
$1.00 per page for a copy

Transcript Ordering Procedure

The following are step-by-step guidelines for ordering transcripts from the Official Court Reporters of the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County, Pennsylvania:

1. Obtain an “ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPTION” form (Form 160-102-00) from any courtroom, from Court Administration, or from the Court Reporters’ office on the 14th floor of the Courthouse.

2. Contact the court reporter that was present at the proceeding that you desire to have transcribed and request the amount of the estimated cost of one-half payment of transcript. If you don’t know the name or phone number of the court reporter, contact the Chief Court Reporter at 610-478-6467.

3. Fill out the entire Order for Transcription form, including caption, docket number, name of proceeding (be as specific as possible), date of trial or hearing, name of court reporter, estimated cost of one-half payment of transcript (obtained from the court reporter). Don’t forget to sign the form on the line entitled “(signature of attorney).” If you are a private party ordering a transcript, put your signature on the line entitled “(signature of attorney).”

4. Take the unauthorized Order for Transcription form, along with a check payable to the appropriate office (not the court reporter) in the amount of the estimated cost of one-half payment of transcript, to one of the following offices: Criminal, to the Clerk of Courts; Civil/Equity, to the Prothonotary; Orphans’ Court, to the Register of Wills. NEITHER THE CLERK OF COURTS’ OFFICE, THE PROTHONOTARY’S OFFICE NOR THE REIGSTER OF WILLS OFFICE WILL ACCEPT THE ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPTION FORM IF THE APPROPRIATE PAYMENT IS NOT INCLUDED AT THE TIME OF FILING.

5. The Clerk of Courts’ office, the Prothonotary’s office, and the Register of Wills office will forward the unauthorized order form to the appropriate judge for authorization and signature and will make the appropriate distribution of the copies of the Order for Transcription form.

6. The court reporter has 14 days from the date of receipt of the order to complete the transcript.

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