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3 Dimensional Diagram Creation



A hand sketched diagram is great for reference material for the technician who was at the scene, but it's not a true representation of the scene to someone who was not there. A Judge, Jury, Attorney or anyone else involved in the court system will not be able to relate to the situation like you will.

They didn't see the scene, they didn't walk through it. They have no visual reference to fall back on, except what you provide to them. The conversion to a 3D diagram is becoming more and more prevalent. The “CSI factor” and what the public perceives as real is making its way to the court room. In the end, the fact is, the Jury's have high expectations of Crime Scene Technicians. Rightfully so. A huge push is sweeping through the Law Enforcement Community to keep up with the expectations of the public and the ever rapid changes in technology.

If we are going to keep up, than the natural progression is into the 3D world. What better way is there, than to be able to interactively walk your audience through a Crime Scene? To show bullet trajectories or the areas of origin from blood spatter as they relate to objects in your scene?

This 40 Hr. course walks you through the creation of a 3D diagram. You will learn to build rooms from the ground up, and populate them with furniture, evidence, bodies and other items. You’ll also learn how to set up multiple camera views and animate between them to create a camera fly through of your scene.

The Software being used is Trimble Sketchup, a Free 3D Architectural modeling Program with an easy learning curve and a one of a kind support.

Prerequisites for Attendance:

1. Full time law enforcement officer for a police department located in Berks County

2. Detective/Investigator or Possess Evidence Technician training or certification

3.Fullfive day attendance mandatory

When: March3-8, 2013 Time: 0800 to 1600 hrs.

Where: Berks County Agricultural Center - Forensic Services Section

Cost: Free

How: E-mail Lt. Todd Trupp at: ttrupp@countyofberks.com


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