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Alfredo Cardona-Padilla drug arrest


Drug Investigation With Central Berks Police

Defendant: Alfredo Cardona-Padilla, age 35

36 Aldine Avenue

Lower Alsace, Berks County, PA

In May of 2013, narcotics detectives with the District Attorney'sDrug Task Force assisted by members of the Berks County Drug TaskForce (Central Berks Police and Spring Township Police Departments) initiated a drug investigation in the area of the 000 block of Aldine Avenue, Lower Alsace, Berks County, PA

During the investigation, detectives learned thatan Alfredo Cardona-Padilla of 36 Aldine Avenue, Lower Alsace, PA, was purportedly responsible for dealing grams and packets of heroin and cocaine to customers within Berks County, PA. Cardona-Padilla used cellular telephone(s) to take heroin and cocaine orders from his customers.After the orders were placed, Cardona-Padilla would make deliveries to the customer(s) in different areas within Berks County.

On June 14, 2013, at approximately 6:39 a.m., narcotics detectives along with Central Berks Police and Spring Township Police served a search warrant at 36 Aldine Avenue, LowerAlsace, Berks County, PA, and for the body of Alfredo Cardona-Padilla. The search warrant was for the schedule I and II controlled substances of heroin and cocaine and related paraphernalia. This warrant was issued by Magisterial District Judge Stuart D. Kennedy.

As a result of the search, the following items were seized: bulk crack cocaine (street value of $1,400.00), 53 vials of crack cocaine (street value of $530.00), bulk heroin (street value of $1,500.00), 100 packets of heroin (street value of $1,000.00), a loaded Taurus 9 mm handgun (gun under investigation as to origin), packaging material used for heroin and cocaine distribution, two digital scales, two cellular telephones and over $1,300.00 US Currency which was believed to be proceeds from previous heroin and cocaine sales. At the time the narcotics detectives raided Cardona-Padilla's residence, he was present and placed under arrest.

Subsequently, Alfredo Cardona-Padilla was transported to the Berks County Sheriff's Department Central Processing Center for processing and video arraignment. If convicted, Alfredo Cardona-Padilla faces a minimum sentence of 5 to 10 years.