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Another Charged from Operation Shattered


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Elbin Ortiz, age 22

‚ÄčAnother Defendant Charged from Operation Shattered

On June 28, 2018, Berks County Detectives and Reading Police Vice Detectives filed charges against Elbin Joel Ortiz for Solicitation and Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Murder of the First Degree. An arrest warrant was issued by Magisterial District Judge Carissa L. Johnson.

As a result of the ongoing investigation into the drug trafficking organization (DTO), "Operation Shattered", detectives filed the charges of Solicitation and Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Murder of the First Degree against Elbin Joel Ortiz. During the course of the investigation, this  DTO utilized extreme violence including assaults, shootings and witness intimidation as a method to maintain and gain status within the drug culture and eliminate potential threats. This investigation centered around Jesus Feliciano-Trinidad.

On February 24 to 25, 2018, detectives determined that Elbin Joel Ortiz was solicited by Jesus Feliciano-Trinidad to kill a rival drug dealer. During the investigation, detectives identified Feliciano-Trinidad as the leader of the drug trafficking organization.

On February 25, 2018, Feliciano-Trinidad planned and solicited Elbin Joel Ortiz to murder a rival drug dealer at a location in the 500 block of Moss Street, Reading. This plan was thwarted when detectives immediately secured the residence and served a search warrant that morning before the act of violence could be carried out. As a result of the search warrant, four rival drug dealers were arrested inside the residence. Elbin Joel Ortiz was one of the four that was arrested. Detectives seized approximately 200 packets of heroin, U.S. Currency believed to be proceeds from the sales and drug paraphernalia associated with the distribution of drugs.

The defendant is currently in Berks County Jail relative to the aforementioned drug arrest awaiting further court proceedings.