Bill of Rights
The Berks County Victim/Witness Assistance Unit is dedicated to supporting victims of crime.  We feel that it is extremely important for every victim to know their rights.
You have the right to receive:
  • Information about basic services and resources available to you
  • Information about certain court events in your case
  • Accompaniment to all public court proceedings by a family member, victim advocate or support person
  • Assistance with preparing a victim impact statement
  • Information and assistance with completing financial compensation forms
  • Notification of the arrest, discharge, transfer or escape of a defendant from prison or a mental health facility
  • Information about the final disposition of your case

You have the right to provide input into:

  • The potential reduction of charges or changing of a plea
  • The sentencing of a defendant through a written and/or oral victim impact statement
  • Release decisions and escapes of defendants who are sentenced to a state facility
Additional Bill of Rights are available upon request:
  • Receive notice when defendant is released from incarceration at sentencing
  • Receive notice of the filing, hearing or disposition of appeals
For a complete and detailed list, please click here.