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Blood Spatter



Blood Pattern Analysis, Documentation and Collection

The goal of the course is to aid the Evidence Technician/Investigator in the identification of blood evidence. The identification process will include understanding the physical properties of blood as well as presumptive testing of blood.

Proper documentation of the blood evidence is crucial. Documentation will add to the value of the evidence, or the absence of it, to the detriment of the evidence. Students will learn the accepted means of documentation a blood scene through sketching, stringing, and photography. A digital camera is required for the course .

Finally, the student will become proficient in the collection and preservation of the blood evidence. Contamination issues will be addressed as well as the needed equipment to perform this function properly. This is a basic course and is not intended to be a Blood Pattern Analysis course. It will however allow for the examination of the blood evidence at a later time by a BPA expert by ensuring the proper steps have been taken by the ET/Investigator.


Prerequisites for Attendance:

1. Full time law enforcement officer for a police department located in Berks County

2. Detective/Investigator or Possess Evidence Technician training or certification

3. Digital Camera

4. Full three day attendance mandatory

When:August 27-29, 2014 Time: 0800 to 1600 hrs.

Where: Berks County Agricultural Center - Forensic Services Section

Cost: Free

How: E-mail Lt. Todd Trupp at: ttrupp@countyofberks.com


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