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Cocaine Trafficking
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Juan Carlos Garcia-Morales Nemorio Cineros-Torres

In mid September 2013, detectives with the District Attorney's Drug Task Force initiated a drug investigation involving the 500 block of Moss Street and 1200 block of North 10th Street, Reading, Berks County, based on citizens' complaints concerning drug trafficking in those neighborhoods.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Juan Carlos Garcia-Morales and Nemorio Cineros-Torres were responsible for dealing bulk amounts of cocaine to customers whithin the City of Reading, Berks County. Garcia-Morales utilized cellular telephones to facilitate his cocaine trafficking. The cocaine was supplied to Garcia-Morales by Cineros-Torres. The Berks County Detectives made three undercover purchases of cocaine from the suspects ranging from $400 to $900 in U.S. currency.

On October 22, 2013, Berks County Detectives, along with the Reading Police Vice Unit and ICE Agents (U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement) served two search warrants at the following locations: 522 Moss Street and 1207 North 10th Street, Reading, Berks County. The search warrants were for the schedule II controlled substance of cocaine and related paraphernalia. These warrants were issued and sealed by Court of Common Pleas Judge Stephen B. Lieberman.

As a result of the searches, the following items were seized:

  • three bags of cocaine (street value of $2,320.00)
  • small amount of marijuana
  • packaging material used for cocaine distribution
  • a Smith & Wesson .44 caliber revolver
  • two workable cellular telephones
  • two digital scales
  • documents related to suspects
  • over $1,132.00 U.S. currenty (believed to be proceeds from previous cocaine sales)

At the time of the search warrant, the suspects were present and were placed under arrest for the aformentioned charges.

Subsequently, Garcia-Morales and Cineros-Torres were transported to the Berks County Sheriff's Department Central Processing Center for processing and video arraignment. Bail was set by Magisterial District Judge Richard Gatti in the amount of $40,000 and the defendants were committed to Berks County Jail.

ICE agents determined that the defendants entered the U.S. illegally from Mexico. As a result of this information, an immigration detainer was lodged against the defendants.