Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is a branch of forensic science pertaining to evidence found in computers and digital storage mediums. Computer forensics adheres to standards of evidence admissible in a court of law. Computer forensics experts investigate data storage devices (such as hard drives, USB Drives, CD-ROMs, floppy disks, tape drives, etc.), identifying, preserving, and then analyzing sources of documentary or other digital evidence.


The Berks County District Attorney’s Office has been providing Computer Forensic services since 1999. The unit currently consists of twoDigital ForensicExaminers,Christopher Luciano and Sophie Eddinger. Luciano and Eddinger both possess Bachelor of Science Degrees in the field of Digital Forensics. They bothhave logged hundreds of hours performing digital forensic examinations on computers and cellphones. They also examine removable media, hard drives, and cameras. The Computer Forensics Lab can work on four different cases simultaneously.

In the past the unit has assisted the PSP, FBI, NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), USPIS (United States Postal Inspection Service), County Police departments, Reading Police, Delaware County Detectives, and out of state police departments.

To contact the Computer Forensics Unit: 610-898-1005